2016 Season

Pool Balls
Supplementary Cup Posted Thursday 12th May 2016 by Steve Goodyear

Played 6th and 13 June

Tin hat B  v Polish club 

Chambers  v Manx

Trades  v  Monk Breton wmc

Pack horse  v  Gawber rd B

Engineers  v  Gilroyd 


Corner pockets B

New inn

George & dragon

Rimmington trophy Posted Thursday 12th May 2016 by Steve Goodyear

Played 6th and 13th  June

3 Way tie Oaks A , Boatmans and Shaw

Portcullis A  v New lodge

Gawber rd A v Keel s/ f

Stairfoot cons  v Commercial

Oaks B  v Victoria ( cud ) 

Keel (Asda ) v Escape ( tigers )

Cudworth ss  v Corner pockets A

Old Bridge  v  Tin hat A



Preliminary Rd Posted Tuesday 5th April 2016 by Steve Goodyear

Played 11th & 18th  April


Corner Pocket B   v  New Lodge

Old Bridge    v  Polish Club

Escape A   v  Corner Pocket A

Stairfoot Cons   v   Gilroyd

Tin Hat  A   v   George &  Dragon

 Portcullis  A   v   Locke Park

Keel s/f   v   Engineers

Oaks  A   v   Portcullis  B

Gawber Rd  A   v   Tin Hat  B

Monk Bretton  v   Boatmans Rest

Chambers   v   Escape ( tigers )

Keel  ( asda )  v Pack Horse

New Inn   v   Cudworth SS

Trades   v   Victoria ( cud )

Manx  v  Oaks  B

Commercial   v   Gawber Rd  B

Escape ( victory )  v   Shaw Inn 

Fixture Updates Posted Monday 21st March 2016 by Dale Healey

Important Update!


Can all teams ensure they have checked the updated fixtures for this season. Due to a change in the cup dates the fixtures have been revised to reflect this.

Division 3 Friendlies Posted Sunday 13th March 2016 by Adam Whitfield

As Division 3 only has 10 teams this year compared to 12 in the other divisions, on most league weeks there are two teams without a game, so those pairs of teams without league matches will play friendlies against each other over their blank fortnights, as listed below...

  • 25th April 2016: Tin Hat WMC (B) v George & Dragon
  • 9th May 2016: George & Dragon v Tin Hat WMC (B)
  • 16th May 2016: Boatman’s Rest v Corner Pocket (B)
  • 23rd May 2016: Corner Pocket (B) v Boatman’s Rest
  • 20th June 2016: New Inn v Shaw Inn
  • 27th June 2016: Shaw Inn v New Inn
  • 18th July 2016: Tin Hat WMC (B) v Gawber Road WMC (B)
  • 25th July 2016: Gawber Road WMC (B) v Tin Hat WMC (B)
  • 15th August 2016: Boatman’s Rest v Old Bridge Inn
  • 22nd August 2016: Old Bridge Inn v Boatman’s Rest
  • 5th September 2016: New Inn v Pack Horse
  • 12th September 2016: Pack Horse v New Inn
  • 3rd October 2016: Polish Club v Gawber Road WMC (B)
  • 10th October 2016: Gawber Road WMC (B) v Polish Club
  • 17th October 2016: Old Bridge Inn v Shaw Inn
  • 24th October 2016: Shaw Inn v Old Bridge Inn
First Fixtures Posted Saturday 20th February 2016 by Adam Whitfield

The first fixtures for the 2016 season, to be played Monday 22nd February (with the reverse fixtures being played a week later on the 29th), are as follow...

Division One

  • Commercial v Oaks WMC (A)
  • Cudworth SS v Keel Inn (Stairfoot)
  • Escape (A) v Escape (Tigers)
  • Escape (Victoria) v Corner Pocket (A)
  • Locke Park WMC v Tin Hat WMC (A)
  • Portcullis (A) v Portcullis (B)

Division Two

  • Chambers v New Lodge WMC
  • Gawber Road WMC (A) v Engineers
  • Gilroyd WMC v Victoria (Cudworth)
  • Manx Arms v Monk Bretton WMC
  • Oaks WMC (B) v Keel Inn (Asda)
  • Stairfoot & Ardsley CC v Trades WMC

Division Three

  • Boatman’s Rest v Gawber Road WMC (B)
  • Corner Pocket (B) v Polish Club
  • New Inn v Shaw Inn
  • Tin Hat WMC (B) v Old Bridge Inn
  • George & Dragon and Pack Horse have no game

The full fixture list will be published on the website within the next week.

Charity k.o draw at ESCAPE Monday 7 'o clock start Posted Saturday 13th February 2016 by Steve Goodyear

Tin Hat B  or Chambers  V Keel s/f

Commercial  V Escape A

Pack Horse  V Cudworth ss

New Lodge  V Shaw 

Boatmans  or Escape ( victory )  V Gawber rd B

Engineers  V Monk Bretton 

Manx  V Corner Pockets B 

Portcullis  V Locke Park

all other teams playing at Corner Pockets  same time 7 o'clock

BMPL Presentation Night Posted Monday 25th January 2016 by Dale Healey

The annual BMPL Presentation Night takes place tonight at Gawber Road WMC. Doors open 7PM.


Club Address:

Gawber Road Working Mens Club, 113 Gawber Rd, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S75 2PR (Across from Barnsley General Hospital)

New Season Dates Posted Friday 22nd January 2016 by Adam Whitfield

The AGM will be at Portcullis at 7pm on Monday 1st February 2016, with the registration meeting a week later on Monday the 8th at Trades WMC, and the first league match the week after that on Monday the 15th.

Upcoming Events
7:00pm, Monday 6th June 2016, Delegate Meeting at Polish Club
7:00pm, Monday 20th June 2016, Delegate Meeting at Manx Arms
Please remember to text all scores in to 07976 552908